Cardboard Clouds

Dreams Can Come

From Anything

“Cardboard clouds are formed whenever a dreamer is told not to dream. By using your imagination, dreams can come from anything.”

Early Readers (4-8)

“I Didn’t Ask To Be Creative” is neither a children nor an adult book. It’s a revolutionary book that lifts the curtain and dares to explore the intimate relationship between a parent and their child.

About the Author

Dontavious Pittman

Dontavious Pittman AKA “Annoying Dreamer”, was born in Tampa, FL and has always possessed a passion for creating things. His adolescent love for mathematics and problem solving skills lead to a path of design. he studied Architecture at both Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and Florida International University. His first book, “I Didn’t Ask To Be Creative” was published in 2017 and will be the first of many stories depicting family relationships in society today.

“In my world, up means down sometimes. Straight lines are often round sometimes, happiness follows a frown sometimes, and still I keep it pushing.” – Dontavious Pittman

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I Didn’t Ask To Be Creative

In a world where the norm and ordinary are prevalent, this read will show both parents and children how to use their imagination and creativity whenever and however they can.

Of course, as adults we have responsibilities and lack that innocent thinking that young children blissfully possess but it’s time we put the inequalities behind us and focus on the similarities. And there’s nothing that makes us more equal to our kids than our potential for imagining and creating.

So pick up this book and spend some time with your kids. After all, your children are the shiniest reflection of you.


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